Наши цели просты. Мы хотим, чтобы нас защищали грамотные полицейские, которые знают, применяют и соблюдают закон и являются примером для граждан. Мы хотим, чтобы граждане, в свою очередь, изучали законы, знали свои обязанности и права, умели пользоваться ими. Тем самым мы хотим добиться взаимоуважения и чтобы каждый, будь то полицейский или гражданин, мог гордиться своим государством. (Агафонов А.)
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    7 июня 2012

 →  6 Effective Ways To Manage Your Sales Team

Salespersons act as a pillar for a company’s success. A successful company will have a good sales team. It is challenging to form a commission-based sales team, but it is even more hard to manage a commission-based sales team. If the success of a company needs to remain forever, then the company has to manage the sales team properly. The following are some efficient ways to manage the sales team.

1. Hire effective people

The first and foremost step to managing a good sales team begins with hiring efficient people. Before building a new commission-based sales team, be clear about the skills and qualities your company is looking. Hire the sales agents who meet the requirements. While hiring always be clear that you are hiring the right sales agent because some field demands experience and it is not a big concern for some. Finally, assure that you have the right sales team who has the confidence to reach their target and happy with their commission structures.

If you are looking for sales agents to work for you from remote places, then Agenter is the right platform to fulfil your needs. In this platform, you can find sales agents and people who are willing to work on commission based jobs to increase the sales opportunities of a company.

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